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Does DB Monitor with with DNN 7?

first post: vangor wrote: Hi. Is anyone using this module with DNN 7? See Ya! Van

Causes reinstall?

first post: pwadding wrote: Hello Twice in the last 60 hours my host had problems with the dat...

Send Email Notification... To/From Where?

first post: hismightiness wrote: It's not clear through the module UI where and from the email will...

DNN 6.0 Optimized Release Please

first post: hismightiness wrote: I can guarantee you several more downloads/installs if you have a D...

latest post: jsheely wrote: Good ole object reference errors. I'll have to add in a little more...

Cannot Enable

first post: PokerDIY wrote: I am trying this module (recommended by Cathal here http://www.dotn...

latest post: PokerDIY wrote: Thanks a lot! Let me know if you need help from me debugging..

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